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They are great!

I was traveling home from an out of town vacation and ordered my Cell Phone Holder on-line from my cell phone while riding in the car. When I got home my holder arrived, in the mail, the next day. I have a black one and my husband has an ivory one. Get yours today because they are great!

Stephanie Farrington

Great colors to choose from.

When I ordered my Cell Phone Holder my toughest decision was choosing which color to buy because they are all so beautiful. Finally, I picked the ivory one and received it in the mail a few days later. So happy with my CPH!

Great to send as a gift.

I live in Georgia but when I ordered my Cell Phone Holders. I had them shipped to a different state. Great if you want to send, a gift, to an out of town family member or friend.

Cynthia Alexander

I ordered my online.

I ordered my Cell Phone Holder on-line and received it a few days later. It must have shipped to me right away.

Maple Bronner

Like my CPH!

Liking my Cell Phone Holder. It was shipped to me so fast.

Rosa Storr

They shipped it right to my home.

I purchased my CPH while I was out of town but it was shipped directly to my home.


They make great gifts!

I bought two Cell Phone Holders, one for myself and one for a friend. They make great gifts for friends and relatives!




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